Making Instruments Out Of Music 


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Treble Side Half
@ Halves
Attached the bass side peg head
Drilling the treble side tuner holes and brass nuts
Ready to set the neck
Dry fit the neck
Attaching the bridges and tailpieces
Finishing the neck
Control back pocket routed
Bridge and tail pieces made and ready
Neck is in, bridges and tail pieces on, PU routed
Picking a spot for the red button of the FretTrax midi control
Oil Finish
Ebony cross banding for strength
Truss Rod cover
Filing the brass
Finished Truss Rod Cover
Brass Bolt for the Strap anchor
Front Shot


The thought here was to make an instrument I could put on a plane and not worry about it. Problem is the cost it would take to fly with with something this big. I ended up using it as a test bed for a FretTrax midi system that my geniusly talented good friend Lee Young developed by creating a connection between the frets and the string that would trigger a midi system, basically turning your guitar into a keyboard of sorts. A longer set of treble harp strings giving a lower note register than a typical harp guitar format.

The one button on the front allows me to changes programs in my computer by simply holding the button while holding down a particular string on a particular fret thereby calling up the assigned plugin or program. But there is more to the story.