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Purple Heart, Quilted Mahogany, Black Spruce,
Black Spruce Bracing
Black Spruce Bracing Milled Up
Back ready for Bracing
Bracing Notched and Fitted
Top Brace Shaping
Bracing Sculpted
Sculpted Bracing
Curly Mahogany Neck Stock w/Truss Rod installed
Freshly Slotted Purple Heart Fingerboards
6 Penny Finish Nail Fret Markers
Shaping Volute
Shaping Heel
Forming S Bracing with Purple and Black Spruce
Black Spruce Sandwiched Between Purple Heart
Back Braced
Back Braced
Side Fixture
Sides Bent and Blocks Set
Neck Shaping
Attaching the Back
Purple Heart Bass Peghead Cross Banding
Cross Banding
Purple Heart Trim Binding Ready to Steam Bend
Sculpted Top Bracing
Sculpted Top Bracing with Curly Maple Bridge Plate
Sculpted Straddle Bracing
Internal Side Walls Before Back is Attached
Before Detailing
Purple Heart Bass String Tail Piece
Purple Heart Bridge
Bridge and Tailpiece Ready
Internal Wall
Before Back Attached
Before Trim Binding
Before Neck Installed
Purple Heart Sound Hole Suns
Sculpted Straddle Bracing
Back Brace Through Sound Hole Toward Head Block
Inside Through Bass Structure
Purple Heart Truss Rod Cover
Neck Installed and Shaping In
Ready for Trim Binding
Bound and Ready for Detailing
Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish
2 Pre-Amp Outputs
Mini Machine Heads
Sculpted Heel
Purple Heart Sculpted Heel Cap
Curly Mahogany Neck and Back Stripe
Bass Head Stock Block


Making Instruments Out Of Music 




This one is a smaller version of the 27String with 2 pre-amps on board.

-Figured spruce top with sculpted interlocking top bracing and 3-piece back bracing shaped and placed to address the higher tension areas;

-Using some very serious quilted mahogany for the back, sides and bass chamber top. 

-Also, had a very dense piece of mahogany for the six string neck, matching back stripe and the bass side peghead.  

-Using purple heart wood for the binding trim, cross-banding behind the bass head-stock, 25.5" scale compound radius fingerboard,

the three 3D suns sound holes, bridge and tailpiece was the biggest challenge.

Steam shaping purple heart was by far the most difficult part of this build.


This combo of features gives a unique feel and natural resonance that inspires a particular style of melody. My go-to when I simply need a 6 String. (With extra bass options, of course)