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27 String






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Top Before Sound Holes & Bracing
Top Bracing
Top Bracing Shaped
Back Bracing
Top Prep
Rim Assembly
Top Glued
Inside Wall
Ready for the Back
Back Attached; Neck Dry Fit
Neck Slot
Neck Blank
Neck Shaping
Heel Shaping
Routing Small Sound Hole
Bridge Shaping
Trim Slotting
Preparing for Neck Instasll
Neck Installed
Marking Small Sound Hole
Back Bracing on a granite slab
Top Is On...Braced Back
Attaching Bridge
Inside view before back attached
Small Sound Hole Dry Fit
Large Sound Hole Dry Fit
Bassside Harp & 6 String
Bridges & Tailpieces Dry Fit
Back Before Bracing
Small Sound Hole
Bass Side with Truss Rod Cover
9 String Bass w/6 String
Finished Back
Crass Banding on 9 String Bass Side
6 String & 9 String Bass w/Joining Rod
12 String Mini Harp
Finished Front


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