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Making Instruments Out Of Music 



Could't help it! Had to do a solid body version out of swamp ash and mahogany.

Ebony fingerboard.

Mahogany and purple heart neck with ebony pegged veneer.

Curly maple back plate.

Brass nut pins on the bass and treble harp strings.

Brass bridge saddles.

3 pre-amps.

2 Highlander pickups under the bass and harp strings.

LR Baggs LB6 piezo.

EMG 85.

Lee Young/Fret Trax midi system in the 6 string.

Nickle free fret wire.

Grover mini tuners.

Ebony bridges.

Brass Truss Tod Cover.

Tear drop mahogany knee rest.


The point of this instrument is its ability to trigger many virtual digital instruments samples and plugins the same as a midi keyboard and the ability to blend it all together.

And, yes, it is a head rush but also inspiring.


I'll post more videos besides the current one soon to demonstrate the broader sounds.