Copyright © 2015 Keith Medley Music,

All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2015 Keith Medley Music,

All rights reserved.

Making Instruments Out Of Music 



Summers End


As some of you know who follow my social media posts that this past spring and summer has been crazy busy. Between building out the upstairs for my oldest daughter Abigail with her own space to accommodate her duel enrollment in college in her junior year of high school (and teaching her how to drive); and remodeling Annie's room to look and feel like you just stepped into a chapter of Lord of the Rings; and an upgrade in Jake's room making room for all his projects; not to mention the day job and the various projects on the burner. 

(And folks wonder why I don't ever watch TV:)  

The instrument projects are coming along in spite of the rarity of "spare time". I had to work through finding the right material for the different instruments but through the help of friends in the know was able to finally find what I needed to do the 29 String Solid Body Electric, fretless and classical harp guitar. Bet I failed to mention a couple of solid-body electric cello's and some experimental basses.


 I'll really need your help on what you'd want to hear coming from this page. We live in very interesting times as most would agree, so a little bit of anything is all it takes to move us out of the bombardment of the daily news even for just a minute or two; agreed?













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