I compose and play music by ear as a lot of musicians do;

no lessons or formal training;

but I hear music in my head at different times when least expecting it;

usually around a thought, experience, mood or some inspiring moment.


In an effort to get to those tunes (before they're forgotten) I've designed and built instruments in my small woodshop attempting to capture and deal with the sounds and themes which in times past were difficult for me to totally form and articulate on the guitar alone.


However, the real challenge now has become discovering ways

to share it with those who may want to take a listen.  

There-in lies the present quest.


So, I've created this website for two reasons:

One, is to help me figure out what I can realistically share with online tools without the pursuit record deals or marketing firms, 

all the while keeping up with the rest of everyday family life, a day job and the random surprises therein.


The second purpose is to stay in touch with the few fans who have given me a reason to hang in there and see this journey through by their constant encouragement and support. I also thought it would be kinda cool to share some stories and gifting's from friends and interesting people I've become acquainted with who do fascinating things in their world that otherwise you'd might not hear about.


On that note take a look on the & ARTS page link above when you get a chance

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I'll try to post a new & ARTS  article every month or so.

Visit their sites and social medias and tell them "Hello!" while you're there

letting them know you came by.


At any rate; if you're OK with a large degree

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Before you leave browse through the GALLERY of INSTRUMENTS and other pages posted above to see where my particular journey is so far and keep an eye out for new projects, posts, blogs and some handmade crafting in the works coming soon, too....

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...You are very very much appreciated!!

very h


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Making Instruments Out Of Music